Yee Haw

Yee Haw

top: Madewell (old) // jeans: Target // hat: Stetson // boots: Target // belt: South (local boutique) // watch: Daniel Wellington // bracelets: Kendra Scott // necklace: Kendra Scott // earrings: Kendra Scott (old) // rings (1, 2, 3): Kendra Scott

Yee haw! I’ve been employed for about a month now. I do social media and content for Urban Home Market and Caveat Coffee, and work full-time as a communications specialist at Shipt. My schedule is finally busy enough to use a planner again and I’m thriving! All in all, I work anywhere from 60 to 80 hours a week before my side hustles. But, is it really work if you love what you do? I think it’s just fun to be honest (most of the time), when I’m not sleep deprived.

I’m notorious for drinking a ton of coffee and forgetting to eat, but nutrition and sleep are two things that I’ve really been working on. In order to function at 1000 miles an hour, like I do, I must fuel myself, i.e. sleeping and eating. I am really bad at taking a break and “relaxing”…I don’t know if I will ever be good at rest. But, progress over perfection. Birmingham is working out better than I ever could have imagined (with the Southern Living post-grad fellowship being canceled). I am finding my place here and don’t foresee myself leaving after my year-lease is up. I am taking life one day at a time at this point.

xx, Daria

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