What is the difference between copywriting and content writing?

What is the difference between copywriting and content writing?

Content writing and copywriting are similar but differ in terms of their purpose, goal, and direction. Both content writers and copywriters are word nerds with the ability to persuade, influence, and add a tremendous amount of value. 

Content writing intends to share value. It is purely informative, not trying to get someone to act. Copywriting aims to sell and get readers to the next line of copy.


The purpose of copy is to generate a sale or conversion. The purpose of content is to create engagement via blogs, videos, social media posts, educational emails, content video scripts, and graphics.


Copy reads linear and is one-directional. It’s strategic, intentional, and ends with a specific call to action (CTA). A copywriter strives to get the reader to the next line of copy. The reader is directed through a buying experience with the end result of executing the CTA.

Content is multi-directional, like a conversation between good pals. It leaves room for tangents and sidebars, as dialogue does. Effective blog posts provoke conversation and engagement. They include multiple sources, links, and CTA’s.


Copy poses an offer while increasing conversion rates and return on investment.

Content cultivates brand loyalty and engages readers. The goal is to increase likes, shares, comments, and conversations, while adding value and authenticity to your brand.


Content writers have more freedom to tell stories. In many cases, the name of a product or service does not have to be mentioned. Content provides writers with the opportunity to inject their own voice and personality into their work. Copywriters are less likely to get a byline than content writers.

Personality & Mindset

Content writers insert personality into their work to spark conversation and connect with readers. As a copywriter, you must have a positive mindset towards sales and marketing.


In most scenarios, copywriters make more money. Content writers charge a flat rate at a specific cost per deliverable or hourly wage. Copywriters have the opportunity to make a commission off sales and conversion rates.

Content and copy are both important. The content writer makes the copywriter’s life easier. The more trust and brand loyalty you have with your audience, the easier it is to sell. Content writers and copywriters are both forever students, always learning.

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