Welcome to Birmingham

Welcome to Birmingham

Last Saturday, 7/25, I moved to Birmingham, Alabama. Why Birmingham? I originally moved here for the Southern Living post-grad fellowship–my dream before it was canceled due to COVID-19. My best friend from elementary school, Taylor, is going to grad school here, and everything aligned perfectly for us to live together. Birmingham is one of the four cities I was job hunting in, so I am very excited to be here. In a pandemic economy, Birmingham was the most financially realistic option. It’s smaller than Atlanta and bigger than Statesboro–but still has a bit of Southern charm, so it’s perfect for me!

I moved to a new city and quit my 9-5 job as a recruiter, all in one week. I resigned after being told one thing, and circumstances continued to change–including my salary. It wasn’t a good fit nor a position that allowed me to thrive. I wasn’t passionate about my work, so I was miserable. I have several side hustles (that I love) that will serve as a financial cushion until I find a new full-time role in social media or copywriting. I’ve learned a lot, especially when to stand up for myself and when to say no. If you don’t stand up for yourself and have confidence in your abilities, no one will. Gal, you’re golden! But, you must first believe in yourself.

Day by day, I am starting to find myself and my people in this new city. My fellow blogger gal, Cecilia, and I spent Saturday drinking coffee and shooting blog content, then drinking cocktails and editing blog content–quality day if you ask me. The transition from college to post-grad life is huge, even bigger during a global pandemic. I had so many expectations for myself post-grad before COVID, so I am learning how to redefine success and live in a “new normal.” It’s certainly not easy, but I’ve been forced to pivot and innovate in tougher situations.

Thus far, I am in love with Birmingham. I could see myself here for a few years, or even longer. Charleston and Austin are still in the back of my mind, but there’s no telling what the future holds. I am moving forward, day by day, one step at a time because the truth is, no one has any idea where the world will be 365 days from now. And, I think that’s all we can do.

On to my outfit, I was vibing with these boots (Nocona NL1602) until I got giant blisters on my feet because I forgot to wear socks. But, that’s my fault. I wore them in Texas, and I love them! I have cowboys boots in black, red, and brown…recently I’ve had my eye on a white pair. They’re a classic staple in my wardrobe. While my black dress is from a boutique and no longer available, I’ve linked my favorite black dresses from Target below. The same look can be achieved with black cowboy boots, a black dress, and a pair of Kendra statement earrings.

As always, my jewelry is from Kendra Scott–also linked below. I made my earrings at the Color Bar at Kendra; the Alex Earring in Gold with the Peach Pearl stone. This stone was recently discontinued, but the Clear Peach stone is similar.

Follow along on the blog and Instagram @dariarosesmith to keep tabs on my job search and adventures in Birmingham. Instagram will be the first to know if I land an exciting, new role! The further I get into my job search, the more particular I have become on the role’s responsibilities and day-to-day tasks. I desire to work in an entry-level role in social media or copywriting in which I can improve my skills and learn from a mentor. Happy Monday and have a good week!

xx, Daria

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