Weekend in Charleston: Snowed In
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Weekend in Charleston: Snowed In

Rainbow Row
This is one of the most colorful and coveted destinations of tourists in Charleston. While it’s received a lot of hype, it’s a staple for this timeless city.

Waterfront Park
Waterfront park is home of the infamous pineapple fountain, where a lot of Instagram pictures are made.

The Rise Coffee Bar
This is one of my favorite coffee shops ever, and that says a lot considering the amount of coffee I consume. This is a must-do if you’re a coffee drinker. Not only is the coffee superb, but the shop itself is aesthetically pleasing. 
King Street
King Street is home to some of Charleston’s neatest shops and eateries. It could take one a whole day (or two) to see everything this street has to offer. You can check out my other posts from Charleston to see reviews of other businesses on this street.

If you’ve never been to a West Elm, I dare say you might very well live under a rock. West Elm is full of expensive Instagram-worthy home decor. 

We didn’t plan on going here, but they did have great cookies and were open despite the blizzard!

park off King Street
I’m still in shock that we got to experience snow in Charleston! Thus, we took lots of pictures for documentation. Honestly, there is no other city that I’d rather be stuck in. 

This trip to Charleston ended with a bit of a twist. Initially, my best friends and I traveled to Charleston anticipating a day trip, but we ended up with a weekend snow-cation. Nevertheless, Charleston never disappoints. Not many folks can say they’ve experienced a blizzard in Charleston.
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