Travel Blog Course Reflection

Travel Blog Course Reflection

Over the past semester I have been enrolled in a travel blogging class at Georgia Southern University. This course was fully online and I would recommend it to other students who are interested in blogging.

The target audience for my blog is female millennials and Gen Z’s who enjoy traveling around the east coast and South of the Mason Dixon line. I serve a fashion/lifestyle niche, primarily college students and people within ten years of my age.

I have revised a few pieces on my blog to include higher quality graphics and fixed several html and CSS code errors. I re-did the thick description blog post and included graphics. I consider my best work to be the experience and thick description pieces because I feel that I set the scene with my writing and made my reader feel as if they were present with me on my travels.

Over the next month I am traveling to New York and Texas and plan to document my travels, both through blog posts and vlogs on my YouTube channel. I want to routinely write and film more content in general, shooting for one new video and one new blog post per week. My blog and YouTube channel are creative outlets for me, as well as a part-time job with my work as an influencer on social media.

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