The Paris Market

The Paris Market

Aromas of sweet coffee and French bread fill the air, welcoming you to a charming space straight out of Paris, France. The Paris Market, located off Broughton Street in Savannah, is inspired by a Parisian flea market. The market is housed in an 1874 Victorian two-story building. You would never know that this structure was home to a grocery store in another life.

This hidden gem is stocked with modern, antique, and vintage items—curated by the owners, Paula and Taras Danyluk, who travel the globe to purchase products for their shop. Here, you’ll find a little bit of everything, as the inventory updates constantly and the window set as the seasons change. The market sells everything from one-of-a-kind accessories, custom furniture, handmade jewelry, thick books, eyeglasses…to engraved trinket trays.

On the first level resides a café, offering coffee, tea, wine, champagne, pastries, macaroons, and paninis crafted in-house. Might I add, this is my favorite coffee spot in all of Savannah. A lavender and vanilla latte will not do you wrong. For my fellow lactose-intolerants, the barista has you covered with soymilk and other dairy alternatives. If you’re hungry, get the Caprese panini. Or if you have a sweet tooth, try a macaroon—the pink ones are the prettiest.

Above the bar, a solemn bull comes into view. He compliments the gold lighting fixtures, marble countertops, and dark wood throughout the bar and flooring. While ordering, you will see a reflection of yourself smiling back at you through the mirror. There’s just something about the aesthetic of the Paris Market…everything is prettier in this space, including your photos.

Dine outside at a gold-rimmed tabletop on a breezy day or inside at a lavish velvet booth. There is also the option to people watch over Broughton Street at the tall wooden bar and observe the directionally challenged tourists or students hustling to their next class. Around the corner, you can read one of the many magazines or coffee table books. For all my stationery geeks, you will not leave here without a card or a few.

On the second level is home décor galore. A bright, glowing arrow points you to the grand staircase that leads to stitched pillows and curated table settings, straight out of a Southern Living magazine. This floor is any hostess’s dream. Whether you simply ogle at all the hidden treasures the market has to offer or discover a piece to spruce up your home, you will not regret your trip back in time at this historic market.

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