The Best Planners of 2018

The Best Planners of 2018

If you’re anything like me, then you’re also a fellow planner addict. Or you don’t even know where to begin with planners.. which is probably why you clicked this link, I do not leave the house without my planner. Every detail of my life goes in my planner- some events in the monthly and weekly layouts. I have always been very organized and can not function otherwise. Since I have ADD, I forget a lot and my mind moves at 100 miles per hour. Without my planner, videos, blog posts, homework, and simple tasks would not be accomplished. Nor would I be present for any appointments, phone calls, lunch dates, or any event that I’ve scheduled. A planner can make or break a foundation of healthy habits or transform your work ethic if you don’t use one. 
Seriously, if you don’t have a planner, get one. I forced my boyfriend to purchase and use a planner this past semester, and it changed his life. Also, he did homework ahead of time, and made better grades!!
First things first, you need to decide what is the best planner layout for you. I have tried to go digital and use a planning software or the calendar synced between my macbook, iPad, and iPhone. However, I always end up going back to the traditional pen and paper. In most instances, I would recommend a monthly and weekly layout. However, I have two planners and use a monthly planner to schedule out YouTube videos and blog posts. There is also a monthly/daily layout or undated layout if you so desire. For the weekly layout, you could choose vertical or horizontal. Personally, I use a vertical layout becuase I get a planner with hourly labels in the weekly layout. Plus, I just think vertical is better. With so many planners on the market, you can find something perfect for you.

I am currently using this planner, this is the one I used for the 2017-2018 year. In all honesty here, I did not buy this planner.. it was sent to me. It is a great planner!! Currently, I am debating on purchasing another EC planner or getting a Target Daydesigner. However, I am leaning towards buying a new EC planner, because I just do not think I can part with it. These planners normally run at $55, but if you purchase one with this link you’ll get $10 off- making the planner only $45. Erin Condren got me into the vertical hourly format in the weekly layout, and I have fallen in love with it. The nice thing about Erin Condren is that you get to customize the cover- you can upload your own or pick from hundreds of designs. You also get the option of vertical, hourly, or horizontal format for the weekly pages. This is a great planner and I have had no complaints.

I might purchase this for the following 2018-2019 year… Currently I am debating between 1 and 2.  The difference is the monthly/daily and monthly/weekly layouts. You’re probably thinking.. Why Target and way not the Day Designer site?? Well the answer is price!! Day Designer’s line for Target typically runs $20 or less, and the signature Day Designer is $59. The signature Day Designer has a few more minimal features and several different designs, but nothing to compensate the $40 difference. Day Designer for Target has weekly/monthly, daily/monthly, and monthly layouts with horizontal or vertical options. I ended up going with this option for the 2018-2019 year becuase of the chic, minimalistic design, affordable price point, and hourly vertical layout. 
I have never used one of these planners personally. However, my best friend Taylor has a 3.9 GPA and swears by this thing. Plum Paper lets you customize the weekly layout with the names of your classes and gives you several options for vertical or horizontal layouts. Since this planner is customized with class names, you purchase a new one every semester starting at $20. This planner has the most options for customization (you can also make a neat cover), I’d check it out for yourself if you want something fully customized.

The main selling point on this planner is that it was intentionally created to be minimalistic. The daily layout has a vertical hourly layout of your day along with a full to-do list and notes sections. Simplified planners also have a convenient monthly layout with a to-do list. This one is designed to be minimalistic with a large selection of aesthetically pleasing covers. However, the price is steep at $58. 

May Designs Agenda Planner

This is another minimalistic planner with a white and black design. Several customization options are offered, and you can pick the design of the cover or add a monogram. They have a snakeprint cover, need I say more?? This is a great option, it starts at $20!

Rifle Paper Co. Planners

I’m sure you’re familiar with Rifle Paper Co. They create adorable planners and notebooks, carried in Urban Outfitters, Anthroplogie, and various retailers. They’ve got some awesome, simple planners starting at $34. 
I thought I would include an undated planner for those of you looking for one. This is probably the only option I’ve included that could work for males or females. The day-timer has a nice leather full-zip cover, daily vertical hourly layout, to-do list on every page, and a section for phone calls. Purchase refill paper here.

Honorable Mention

If you’re a Lilly Pulitzer or Kate Spade fan, these brands also create nice, cute planners running about $20-$40. I used Lilly planners for years (definitely the ’15-’16 and ’14-’15 years) before being contacted by Erin Condren to review their planner last summer. Country Club Prep sells Lilly planners closer to July-August, and you can email me at for a 20% off code. After using the hourly layout, I refuse to have anything else becuase it works so well for me. Oooh Bando also makes some great planners starting at $20.
Purchasing In-Store
If you’re fond of purchasing planners in-store, I would recommend checking out Tj. Maxx and Marshall’s first, you can find great planners as cheap as $8 here. Also you never know, Ross might surprise you. Target and Office Max or Office Depot also have a good selection. If you want dirt cheap, hit up Walmart. Walmart’s planners may not be the prettiest, but they get the job done. The monthly planner that I use for YouTube and blog content is from here. 
Yes, I do plan to do an updated planner organization video around August. I color code my planner and my favorite colored pens are: Papermate Flair & Staedtler Fineliner. For note-taking, I use Pilot G2-07 in black. Hopefully this helped you and answered some of your questions. Leave a comment with your favorite planner and your favorite ways to organize. Happy planning friends!
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