Target Thursday

Target Thursday

Unless you live under a rock, you would know that I have a Target problem. To view Target hauls and try-on’s, check out the “Target” story highlight on my Instagram @dariarosesmith. When Target releases more spring items, I plan to film a haul video on YouTube. It’s been a hot minute since I curated a Target post, so this article is a bit longer than usual. Are there any other Target items I should check out? If so, please leave a link in the comments! LOL, this was supposed to be a Target Tuesday post, but it’s now Thursday.


I’ve been eyeing a few pairs of colored Lululemon leggings, but I do not like the price tag. So, I ordered these leggings in blue and green. Thus far, I have been thoroughly impressed with Target’s All in Motion line. I have this top in white and rust, and love it for running in colder weather — great with a pair of leggings. Target has the cutest sets right now for cycling and pilates classes. I have two pairs of these pants and wear them on the go. Love this sports bra for running!


I have this sweater/sweatshirt in black and grey. Buy it in both colors right now, you won’t regret it. I wear both within any given week. I just ordered this adorable top! Excited about these sneakers. I have this belt in brown and black, a true staple.

Hearth & Hand Kitchen

Joanna Gaines always kills it with her kitchen line at Target. My Hearth & Hand mugs are my most-used, and I have a lot of mugs. I can’t get over these gray latte mugs. I purchased a set of two, which are adorable with this serving tray. Jo did the same mugs and serving tray combo last year in blue. But, I only purchased one blue mug during quarantine and have regretted it ever since. We have a Nespresso machine, Keurig, french press, and instant cold brew maker at our coffee station, so I may be purchasing this gorgeous pour over. If you have a small collection of mugs, this mug tree is perfect.

I have the three stoneware canisters for flour, sugar, and coffee, and I am tempted to add this new cookie canister to complete the set. I am obsessed with this minimal glassware tumbler and pitcher set because it would blend seamlessly with any place setting. The only drinking glasses I have are mason jars, so I am very tempted. The glassware tumblers and pitcher are dishwasher safe and serve beverages hot or cold. The exposed rim stoneware plates and bowls are another favorite of mine from this new collection. I gifted two sets of these salad tongs at Christmas. I’m a big fan of Hearth & Hand dish towels and kitchen rags.


In my opinion, this is the perfect set of silverware because it’s not gold, but it’s also not silver. It’s champagne. I purchased two sets in college and have been using them ever since. These gold wine glasses are new-ish and dishwasher safe, great for when you’re not in the mood to hand-wash the fancy glasses. My gold barware for the bar cart is also from Target.

Bedding & Linens

Hearth & Hand released a new collection of white towels, I love them. In the spring, I like to refresh. Target has so many neutral bedding options, whether you go with Hearth & Hand or Casa Luna. I have this cream set from Hearth & Hand. I can’t get enough of this ruched fur blanket.

Home Decor

I have a large circle mirror and was excited to see that Hearth and Hand released a smaller version. I purchased a few of these glass cloches in the fall and have loved using them over candles as decor. This pink chair is adorable.

Office Supplies

I’m a sucker for pretty office supplies. This glass calendar is gorgeous, and I’ve been thinking about buying it since it came out last summer. The entire Sugar Paper line is to-die-for. Post-It released a new collection called Noted, promoted as definitely delightful. You can shop by color, adhesive notes, desk accessories, and notebooks & folios. I ordered these pens to give them a try. If you don’t have a computer stand, this is your sign to purchase one.


Target released a new pet line called Wild One with adorable products, available in pink and blue. They also have some great dog bowls right now.

Happy Targeting!

xx, Daria

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