Snakeskin Obsession
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Snakeskin Obsession

For no particular reason, I have been obsessed with snakeskin recently. I purchased a pair of black and white snakeskin slip-on’s from a local boutique by the brand Qupid, and I obsessed with them: linked here, here. I also have a snakeskin romper from Tobi (styled in this post), also digging these pieces from their site: ots top, skirt, backless romper, strapless dress. Finally, I picked up a snakeskin water bottle by from Tj Maxx the other day, similar here.

I really want these wedges, but they cost a bit more than I would like to spend on a trendy piece- maybe they’ll go on sale! Click through the widget above to find my favorite snakeskin picks, found while online shopping. Leave a comment with your favorite snakeskin items or your opinion on the trend.

xx, God Bless,

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