Senior Photography Tips and Ideas

Senior Photography Tips and Ideas

outfit one: gingham dress // brown boots
outfit two: white dress // red boots
Here is a recap of my senior photos.. this is the only senior thing I have participated in all year and I am quite satisfied with my decision. I chose to dual-enroll and take classes at a college university for high school and college credit. High school was not for me and I did dread almost every moment I spent in the halls of my high school, but I am thankful for what I learned in those 3 years there, check out this video for what high school taught me. While everyone else was locked up at school, I would get most of my school done early in the week and work or travel and enjoy life the rest of the week.
However, my situation is different from a lot of seniors. I do travel a lot and do a lot of things outside of school. I have always been closer with friends from outside of school and it is not something that my life revolves around. I also worked at a retail store and regularly made content for my YouTube channel and blog, so my time spent away from the school was not being wasted; only maximized to its full potential. Some do not view this as the best thing for seniors, but I have never been happier with my life. High school was a struggle for me and the things I experienced there caused my unhappiness. 
I also opted not to walk and skip the time it would’ve taken to have a grad party and celebrate becuase I have mentally been through with high school for a year now. Honestly, I did not wish to see some of those whom were in my class and didn’t wish to sit through grad practice or my own graduation. I know I did the work and am ready to be at Georgia Southern next year, and that’s more than enough for me. I’m actually in Alabama this week having a blast with my best friend and making some unforgettable memories while my class is wasting their week at grad practice (some people may like the graduation ceremony and that’s great for them, I don’t like to sit still).
Your senior pictures should really capture who you are and your personality. I wanted to keep it simple and true to who I am. My style has evolved throughout my time in high school, but I have always loved my dresses and cowboys boots ever since I was young, so it served as good attire for senior pictures. Now on to tips…
  1. Keep it simple. Stray away from bold prints and stick to solids. Remember trends change and what is on trend now won’t be in 20 years when you’re looking back on your senior photos. Also, if there’s too much going on with your clothing, it will distract from your face. Go light on the accessories; I opted for none.
  2. Wear flattering pieces. Wear pieces that are flattering to your body. Notice that I did not chose to wear any tee shirt dresses even though they are very trendy; they give you no shape. Pick colors that work with your hair and skin tone; colors that look good on you. It would’ve been stupid of me to wear neon yellow.
  3. Add elements of you.  I’ve got a theme going with these photos: jeep, cowboy boots, old barn, field, etc. I am obsessed with the jeep I currently drive, so why not add him in my senior photos? I almost brought my golden retriever, Riley, to also hop in the photos but she does not like to sit still. If you love the city, then shoot photos in the city. These pictures are supposed to represent you.
  4. Background. I chose to do my photos in a field, I wanted a country feel, so I kept it simple. It would be odd if I was wearing a bunch of jewelry or high heels or fancy dresses in a field. Match your background to your attire and you can wear whatever you please.
  5. Work with your photographer. I had an idea of what I wanted for senior pictures going into the shoot and spoke with my photographer on what I wanted before the location or anything else was decided. I started a Pinterest board with other senior photos I liked and sent her the link to give her the feel of what I was wanting for senior photos.
  6. Lighting + Timing. Lighting and timing is everything for any photo shoot; it doesn’t matter how good you look if it’s raining or the sun is too dim/bright. My photos were shot at 11am on a sunny morning- the prime light is at 10am. Your photographer should handle most of this aspect of the photos.
Well, that’s all I’ve got. I’m not a natural smiler and felt awkward posing for most of these pictures, but just listen to your photographer and everything will go great. He or she knows what they’re doing and does this for a living. I hope this helped- best of luck with your photos and your senior year!
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