Prime Day Picks

Prime Day Picks

Prime day picks

Prime Day is arguably one of the best online shopping days of the year. Go hard or go home. There are several items I have been meaning to order but always forget, so Prime Day was the perfect excuse.

I use Prime at least a few days per week. I order everything on here, sometime groceries if I’m in a time-pinch. Prime is a life-saver for ADHDers, as I can order items to my door right when they come to mind. I always forget items on my grocery list in-store.

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Or, here if you’re a student.

Nespresso VertuoPlus Deluxe Coffee and Espresso Machine

$99.99 — 50% off, Save $106.49

I bought this!

Keurig Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker

$49.99 — Save $29.99

I bought this little guy for my desk on Black Friday, and use it every morning.

Dyson V7 Animal Pro Vacuum

$279.99 — 30% off, Save $120

This is the best vacuum I’ve ever had and kills dog hair. No complaints. Great for cleaning hardwood floors, carpet, tight spaces, you car, anything and everything…

Queen Air Mattress

$39.06 — 25% off

If you’re in college, this is a good thing to have for guests. You can plug this into the wall, and it will inflate electronically. I also purchased this.

5-Port USB Wall Charger

$17.58 — 25% off

I got this to use for my desk.

iPhone Running Armband

$11.21 — 30% off

Got a new phone, needed a new band for my morning runs.

Beauty and Toiletry Travel Organizer

$9.06 — 28% off

BIC Felt Pens

$6.22 — 56% off, Save $7.77

I am huge into writing letters and stress coloring. Good deal on quality felt-tip markers.

Surge Protector


25% off Daniel Wellington Watches

I’ve had my Daniel Wellington watches for years, and they’re my favorite.

Wireless Printer


I don’t have a printer, and this cost-effective wireless option does the job. You can print from your computer, phone, or tablet.

iPhone Wireless Charging Stand

$20 — Save $10

Share your Prime Day picks in the comments. Happy shopping!

xx, God Bless,Daria
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