Passion Conference 2018 Reflection + New Content
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Passion Conference 2018 Reflection + New Content

God has recently placed something very big on my heart and called me to say yes. The lord is calling me to do something new with my YouTube channel. Refer to Isaiah 43:19, “See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” I will be posting two videos a week: one pertaining to faith/Jesus, and one relating to fashion/lifestyle. I always talk about making more faith videos, but then I make up excuses. I worry about perfection and the number of my subscribers. However, my videos will never be perfect and that’s impossible. I am a human and I am not capable of perfection; only Christ is perfect. I struggle with being a perfectionist. I can not expect myself to take on the role of God. I’m not qualified, but I am called. We are not called to be qualified. We are simply called to say yes. Blessings only follow actions, not good intentions or talk. I want the lord to fulfill his will in my life, and I do not want to stand in the way of that. Second, the number of my followers does not matter. Jesus had 12 followers, and those were his 12 disciples or apostles if we’re quoting Matthew 10:2. The lord has blessed me with 17,223 on YouTube alone. Why have I let the enemy win for so long and shrank back in shame? I have been concerned with my views being “low” and my subscriber count not growing. All that matters is God is being glorified through the platform he has given me, and in our lives. We were all created to worship God and glorify him: that’s your purpose, each and every one of us broken humans. With God, we are made whole and beautiful. Through my content, some one out there hears the name of Jesus or hears the wonderful truth of the gospel, brought from death to life. This is my focus, and this is my mission, I want all 7.6 billion humans to know their loving father and cultivate an intimate relationship with him. These are God’s new plans. Woop woop, get excited! You can even join in and make your voice heard through voting on the polls posted on my Instagram stories about new content. Follow along @dariasmithyt.

Passion blew me out of the water and convicted me of the very thing I was missing. I need less pride & more patience. I was lost in these two and not even hearing my calling. I was numb to the voice of God in my life becuase I had no patience to listen to him, and all my pride was blocking his voice. I’ve finally humbled myself before the lord to dedicate all areas of my life, including YouTube, to his glory. You can’t put God in a box, he doesn’t like that. He is a jealous God & wants every part of your life, as he should. Below are all the talks from the 6 sessions Passion 2018:
  1. Levi Lusko – Kick the Bucket List
  2. John Piper 
  3. Christine Caine
  4. Sadie Robertson & Tim Tebow
  5. Louie Giglio – Your Purpose
  6. Priscilla Shirer
Every single speaker blew my mind and left me with the powerful word and truth of the lord, our God. I highly recommend you go through and watch every single one of those talks in order. I attended the Infinite Energy Arena and had the privilege of being front and center in the floor seats when Louie spoke. I got so excited that I happy cried numerous times throughout his message becuase it was so powerful.  My close friends know that I cry when I am very happy or excited, I just can’t contain all of the emotion. It’s a wonderful thing, and makes life grand in my opinion. It’s all about your perspective, being happy is an attitude and a choice, being grateful for our merciful God. The worship was phenomenal! Being in that room, the energy is so powerful. There are not words for how wonderful it is to worship with over 12,000 college students who also love Christ & pursue a relationship with him, you have to experience it for yourself. Go to Passion 2019: there will be venues in Atlanta, GA & Dallas, TX & Washington D.C. Tickets go on sale in February, and they sell out quick. Purchase them as soon as you can becuase the price goes up, the longer you wait. Passion has been going on for 21 years, and the confernce gets bigger and bigger every year, so don’t dilly dally. My friends & I got to the gates 30-45 min (as you can see in the pictures below) in the cold before the doors opened for each session to get front row floor seats, and it was 100% worth it. You get out of Passion what you allow yourself to. I got the full extent becuase I chose to have the right attitude and open my eyes to God. God bless.

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