Passion City Service with Duck Dynasty Crew
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Passion City Service with Duck Dynasty Crew

Y’all this service and the way that God worked through Willie and Korie this evening left me in tears. Truly, the Roberston’s and Giglio’s are genuine, authentic disciples of God. In fact, I got to Passion at 3:50 pm, and the doors opened at 5:00 pm- I was determined to get a front row seat. 

Background Knowledge

I attend Passion City Church (515 Garson Dr. location) in Atlanta, Georgia when I am at my parent’s house. Louie Giglio is the lead pastor at Passion, and they also host the Passion Conference for college students- which you might be familiar with. My jaw dropped in excitement when I saw on Passion’s Instagram story that Willie and Korie Robertson were going to be speaking at the 5pm service. During my freshman year of college, God gave me the opportunity to meet Korie and her son Will at the Atlanta airport before flying out to Nicaragua for a mission trip. They were also in the Chik-fil-a line and so very kind.

Willie and Korie Robertson were on the show Duck Dynasty, that aired from March 21, 2012 to March 29, 2017 associated with the Duck Commander brand. If you don’t know what Duck Dynasty is, go look it up and watch it. I was in ninth grade when the first episode of DD came out, and got into the show around tenth or eleventh grade. Even when they went off-air, I’ve continued to watch re-runs on Xfinity. If you know me, then you’d know that I really do not watch TV with the exception of DD and online sermons. 

The reason I love Duck Dynasty is because the Robertson family lives their lives in a way that glorifies Jesus. The gospel is shared when people keep Jesus at the center. At the end of every episode, the entire family would sit around the dinner table and pray. It may seem like a very simple aspect to most, but the point is that the Roberston family lives out their faith and shines God’s light in everything they do. 

While hearing Korie and Willie talk, I was impressed to find out that it was just like the show in the fact that I felt like I was watching a live episode of DD. I know most reality TV is scripted yes, but DD is as real as it gets in the world of reality television. 

The Beginning

Willie shared, Phil always had an evangelistic heart while growing up, which poured out to Willie and he has always been focused on leading others to Christ. Willie got to see Jesus transform Phil’s life, and seeing that was so incredible. Phil was so bad without Jesus, but his entire life was transformed when he met Jesus. Phil’s life with Jesus was so incredibly different and so amazing, people noticed, especially Willie. Seeing someone live their life for Jesus makes a huge impact, which is why it’s so important for us to do this as Christians. 

Willie said he was raised in a way where he had to figure out everything for himself. Even Korie admits, Willie and his siblings raised themselves, but Phil and Kay hotwired their children to God. According to Korie, while in high school, Willie and Jase were on fire for the lord. They were all part of a thriving youth group becuase Willie and Jase wanted to make disciples and got so many kids to come to youth group. 

Willie and Korie first met in third grade at a summer camp (camp Ch-Yo-Ca), and then again in fifth grade at at fish fry at Phil and Kay’s house. Phil told Korie and her friend, right off the bat, that Willie and Jase would make great husbands one day. Willie and Korie ended up getting married at the young ages of 18 and 19, becuase they felt God calling them to do so. 

Before Willie became CEO of Duck Commander, Willie and Korie worked at the summer camp in which they first met. Willie was the manager of the camp, and had originally studied seminary. While at the camp, Korie and Willie had John Luke and Sadie.  

Phil Robertson, Willie’s father, started selling duck calls around 1972. When someone first proposed the idea of airing the DD show, reality TV had just gotten big. Korie believed in the idea from the beginning because they both had crazy families. However, Willie was skeptical. 

Conversation with Louie, Shelley, Korie, & Willie

When asked who the craziest relative is, Willie said Uncle Si for sure. If you’ve never seen DD, watch it just for Si.. he’s a hoot. A lot of people think Si puts on an act, but he’s actually crazy. From Willie’s viewpoint, Si is so crazy, how could someone fake that? According to Willie, Si’s latest “Si-cotics” include going to Nashville and trying to start a record label at 70 years old. Si’s plan is to make albums covering George Jones songs, and Si really can’t sing. Si came to Willie and actually wanted him to purchase a record label to launch his country music career. 

Louie and Shelley Giglio actually had the chance to go to West Monroe, Louisiana and have dinner at Phil and Kay’s house (Willie’s parents). Louie shared, Phil was sitting in his recliner in full camo and had a firearm by his side, just like in the show, and Kay really is a wonderful cook. I’m telling y’all, that show is real, the Robertson crew is not trying to please anyone, except God of course.

Funny enough, Korie can do a ton of amazing things, but she absolutely can not cook. Willie does all of the cooking in the household. Louie and Shelley had Willie cook a meal on-stage with crawfish, quite funny in my opinion. Then, they had Ford Fry come from the audience and try Willie’s finished meal- he approved. Ford Fry is a chef who has opened 19 restaurants including The Optimist, El Felix, Superica, among many others.

The reason that the show always ended around the dinner table in prayer was becuase the Robertson’s wanted to drive home how important prayer is and stress the importance of eating around the dinner table together. There are so many great things that can happen around a table, over food or coffee, there’s a great sermon by Levi Lusko to watch on this. Study the bible with as many people as you can, and start building the foundation to earn the right to do so at a table, over food or coffee if you like. 

Ironically, when the show first aired, the producers would always edit out “In God’s Name” during Phil’s prayers. Phil was pissed every single time, and eventually said “In God’s Name” at the beginning of a prayer, while calling out the producers. Willie recalled, the entire family busted out laughing around the dinner table, and the producers had a lot of editing to do with that prayer. However, the producers finally left “In God’s Name” on the show, and the whole family had a victory. 

Raising Good Kids

left to right: John (married to Rebecca), Rebecca, Rowdy, Willie, Korie, Will, Bella, Sadie, Mary Kate (married to John Luke), John Luke
Willie and Korie have six children. John Luke (22), Sadie (21), and Bella (15) are their three biological children. Will (16) joined the Robertson family when he was a baby. Rebecca (29) was a foreign exchange student from Taiwan, and joined their family when she was 16 and didn’t speak a word of English. Rebecca came to America for her junior year of high school, and they invited her back for her senior year, so she just never left. Rowdy (15) joined their family when he was 12.

According to Korie, they most often get asked about how they raised such good children. According to Korie, it’s not about yourself when raising children, but about connecting them to God. Literally, the goal is to hotwire your children to Jesus.

Korie and Willie have taught their children to live, coming from a place of plenty, as Jesus is a God of abundance. There is plenty of love and things to go around, so there is no reason not to be generous. Your kids do what you do, so you actually have to live what you preach. The Roberston kids radiate generosity and love, because that’s the way that Willie and Korie live. 

Korie shared, when kids are born, the world doesn’t stop and neither does the mission that God has created you for. Kids simply join the family, and the world doesn’t revolve around them. The sooner they learn this lesson, the better. Willie shared that he strives to be a bright light always, and he’s always been focused on passing it on to his children.

When John Luke and Sadie were first born, Korie and Willie were still working at the summer camp in which they first met. The benefit here was that Korie and Willie spent so much time with Sadie and John Luke when they were young, so their children got to see them live their lives in a way that glorifies God from an early age. 

Teaching Sadie About Fear

Louie and Shelley had an interview with Sadie Robertson, and the two biggest lessons that she learned from her mother were kindness and consistency. Sadie would call Korie every time that she would have an anxiety attack, and Korie had memorized verses from the bible about fear to speak to Sadie to calm her down. Korie would always tell Sadie:

Isaiah 41:10 “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Louie said that Sadie radiates a sense of having it all together, which she gets from her mother. Korie was always calm in situations where Sadie would be anxious and fearful. However, right before Sadie went on Dancing With the Stars, around age 16-17, Sadie was freaking out. Sadie was ripped in fear, and for the first time, Korie felt it too. 

According to Korie, prayer is key when you do not know what to do. Korie called her mother, and her mother told her that, “God is going to win a victory in Sadie. Do not fear, the devil should be the one who’s scared.” Sadie was driving Bella, who was 11 at the time, and conversing with Bella about how she was nervous about Dancing With the Stars. 11 year old Bella’s response was, “Is this Sadie talking or is this fear talking?” Sometimes, God will use other people to communicate to you.

In closing, Louie said that there’s Sadie’s in the room living in fear and asked Korie the advice that she had for them. Instantly, I knew God was calling me out and I had the Jesus tingles, it was wild. Louie had Korie pray for us at the end, and raise our hands if we were living in fear while everyone had their eyes shut. I am not normally one to raise my hand, but Jesus was calling me so I proceeded. I did a whole post & video on overcoming fear and anxiety.

Louie shared so much wisdom: We have the spirit of God in us, so what do we have to fear?God has greatness on so many young people in this room who are living in fear. You’re on God’s radar and you can do everything he has called you to do. It’s no coincidence that you’re in this room and hearing this message at this moment. Our power is from God, and there’s nothing that can overcome that.

Purpose + Contentment

In the beginning, some people inferred that the Robertson’s would lose sight of God if they had a reality TV show. However, Willie shared that they were content before DD, and they’re content after. Korie shared that Willie wanted to be a professional bowler at a point in time and never imagined being on TV. It’s not about what you’re doing or where you go, but about doing what God has called you to and living your life in a way that glorifies him. The point is to be a light and live like Jesus amidst the darkness of the fallen world. We need to go into the darkness and point to Jesus wherever we are.

Willie’s biggest advice to young folks is to “Be patient and content.” Willie shared that the spotlight is fun for a while, but it gets old and sometimes you want to go places without being noticed. You’ve got to learn to be content despite the circumstances, and a happiness like that comes from God alone, watch my video on contentment here. Faith affects how you live, it’s about living your life for Jesus to shine his light for others. 

After Duck Dynasty

Since the ending of DD, Willie has planted a church in West Monroe, Louisiana where he speaks every two weeks. As stated earlier, Willie originally studied seminary. Willie and Korie, and the rest of their family continue to work at the summer camp where Willie and Korie first met. John Luke has followed in his father’s footsteps and become the camp’s activites director. God may call you to do something different in every season of life, but it’s about being content and living a life that glorifies him. 

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