My Testimony (Updated): Following God’s Plan
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My Testimony (Updated): Following God’s Plan

I have had requests to do an updated testimony, so here ya go. Note that you never graduate from the gospel, and your testimony is constantly changing. Everyone has a different testimony and glorifies God in a different way, thus you’re not to compare your relationship with Christ to others. 

Growing up, I struggled with anxiety and depression for years. Dealing with anxiety and ADD resulted in my anger towards the world, frustration, and confusion; I was trapped in a constant cycle. However, I did not realize that I possessed such mental disorders until college. I was socially awkward and didn’t have many friends, which only worsened the situation. In high school, I was the odd man out and made fun of consistently for my YouTube channel.

Despite my story and the difficulties I went through, everything was there to point me towards Jesus. How could we enjoy the highs if we didn’t experience lows? You learn to depend on God during the lows & build your faith to withstand anything, learning to be content in any situation despite circumstances. God is waiting with arms wide open for his children to run to him & make a choice to go from death to life. When I began a personal relationship with Christ, every aspect of my life changed from my personality, my relationships, my attitude, to the way I did life. I did a 180° and became the bubbly, loving, passionate, joyous, extroverted individual I am today. Without Christ, I would still be irritated, lost, and depressed. 

I was raised in the church, so I would not say that there was a particular date that I was “saved.” However, there have been several growth points/events which have marked seasons where I have grown immensely in my faith. I went through a breakup over this past Summer, which led to a season of thriving & extreme growth in my relationship with Christ. I learned how to cultivate and strengthen the most important relationship in my life.

During this season, I became closer to Christ & felt God’s presence more than I ever had before. I learned that sometimes God has to take us to rock bottom for us to realize he is the rock sold foundation under us. I had idolized a romantic relationship for so long & figured I’d have my life together once I finally found that. 

The truth is, you’ll never have your life together. It’s a daily partnership between you and Christ, realizing how much you need God in your life. Every day, you must fight against Satan’s deception and pray to God for his wisdom & discernment. God created us, thus he possesses the ultimate wisdom and power. You’ll soon realize that you must place God’s plan over your own, and it’s so much greater than anything you could ever imagine or do for yourself. The bottom line is that we can do nothing without Christ.

Ask yourself, “Where is your identity?” If your answer is anything other than a child of God, you have a problem. You can’t seek happiness from people, titles, money, food, physical appearance, possessions, social media, nor anything of this Earth. The only answer to contentment, fulfillment, happiness, freedom, peace, joy, confidence, stability, passion, & anything is a relationship with Jesus Christ. God created us to worshippers of him. Until we do that, we will not find our purpose nor be content. Once you have a relationship with Christ, everything else falls into place.

God has given me fulfillment and a purpose, teaching me that it’s about the journey not the destination. God doesn’t care where you go to college, but he does care what you do on your campus & how you live out the gospel in your life. I am called to be a YoungLife leader in Statesboro, to just show up & be present in the lives of high-schoolers. I am a missionary, not in foreign country, but in a high school. It’s a privilege to be a part of God’s story; he doesn’t need us to share the gospel. If I had a YoungLife leader, she could’ve changed my life. My purpose is to be there for the kids who are in the shoes I filled a few years back, I want them to really know Jesus. 

The talents God has given me point towards what he created me to do with my life. I have a YouTube channel with 17,000+ subscribers, and I am to use that platform to glorify God. YouTube started as my passion, and one of the reasons I was outcasted. However, God has blessed this vessel and allowed me to create faith content to share the gospel. It’s not about the numbers, it’s simply about glorifying God and being faithful. Being a YoungLife leader and creating faith content isn’t always easy, but it’s 100% worth it. Everything about a relationship with Jesus is worth it. 

If you have any questions about a relationship with Christ, Christianity, or the gospel, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. The best way to contact me is via email at It takes a lot for me to be so vulnerable for everyone to see, but vulnerability and authenticity points toward a real relationship with God.

xx, God Bless,


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