Moving Into My New House – Fixer Upper Ep. 1

Moving Into My New House – Fixer Upper Ep. 1

Hi friends! Long time, no see as I have taken a break before fall semester resumes. I was taking 2 college classes while working my internship and posting five days a week on the blog along with 2 videos a week. Thus, I overworked myself and have been using July as a month to take time for myself and relax before I get very busy again.

With that being said, I am very excited to be back creating content! I got so focused on running social media as a business, that I drained the fun out of it all. Yes I guess it would be nice to have social media as my sole source of income, but it makes this whole expression of self inauthentic.. and that is not what I want. So, I am going to try to post once a week, but not stress myself out about it.

I finished up my internship in Atlanta the last week of June and headed to Statesboro the night it ended. I then came back from Statesboro on the 13th of July and headed to Duck with my family on the 15th. We got back from Duck late on the night of 22nd. Then, Stephen and I left from Atlanta at 4am on the 23rd to go to Statesboro and move into my new house. Also, I have basically been living out of a suitcase since the first week of May so filming has been difficult.

My roommates and I took the house as-is, since we know the people who lived in the house before us. To anyone moving into a new apartment or house, DO NOT ever take a new place as-is. I came to the house Monday morning in shock, expecting to be able to move-in right away. However, we had an enormous amount of cleaning to do and a lot of things in the house have to be fixed. I spent several days cleaning before being able to move anything in. There was so much dust around the vents that it looked like mold, the fence was broken in numerous locations, there was rodent feces in the kitchen cabinet, everything was covered in dust, and power did not work in several rooms along with many other things. As I type this on 8/3, our oven and microwave still do not work. I go over this in the vlog and show the condition of the house, along with what I have moved in so far.

So, I have been busy cleaning and setting up my room over the past week and a half since I moved in. I do have a bunch of content planned that I would like to post including back-to-school videos and a blog post all about our week in Duck, NC. I like to pretend that I am Joanna Gaines playing Fixer Upper to make the most out of this situation. I am very into home decor and so excited to decorate our new house, so I thought I would start a Fixer Upper series on my blog and YouTube, and update y’all on the house as it comes along. Below is the first episode of Fixer Upper, and I have two others filmed that I will be posting soon. I am so excited to take y’all along on this journey!

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