Farmhouse Inspiration

Farmhouse Inspiration

I am moving into a new house, and doing it farmhouse style. I have been doing a lot of home decor shopping and looking to Pinterest for inspiration. When I am finished and have decorated my house to my liking, I will do a “farm house tour” and post photos and a video on the blog.

As you can see, I am going full on farmhouse. I love the farmhouse style becuase there are so many different directions you can go with it. The farmhouse style is timeless, chic, and simple. I am deadset on having a coffee bar in the kitchen, and so excited! I also have a ton of ideas for the living room, mantle, and front door that I’m working out right now. This house is going to look awesome and I can’t wait to show y’all on the blog! We have a spacious kitchen, backyard, dining room, two living rooms, and a sunroom- along with our bedrooms and bathrooms. 
For my bedroom, it has a hint of farmhouse mixed with a hint of minimalist boho. I have done most of my shopping at Hobby Lobby, Tj Maxx, Target, Amazon, & Walmart. I’ll have a separate post/video on that when it is finished. The week of the 15th I will be vacationing in Duck, NC with my family, Gracie, and my boyfriend. Then I move in the 23rd and will get right to work, can’t wait!
xx, God Bless,
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