Do I Regret Not Joining a Sorority?

Do I Regret Not Joining a Sorority?

A lot of you are probably going through sorority rush this week if you’re an incoming freshman or sophomore. I will be a junior this year at Georgia Southern and am set to graduate in 2020 with my 2 majors: PR and Journalism, more about that here. I went through sorority rush my freshman year, fall 2016 and decided to drop, video on that here.

I did not join a sorority, and this post will explain why. This post is aimed to help those of you who are back and forth on whether or not you want to be in a sorority. Or, you may be going through rush and have gotten dropped, like I did 2 years ago. I promise you, it is not the end of the world and will not make or break your college experience.

Prefacing everything I am about to say, the point of this post is not to bash sororities. There are pros and cons to everything in life, and I have tried to list out the good and bad of greek life from my perspective. 
Myths About Greek Life
  • I fell for the myth that being in a sorority was the only way to make friends, and that is not true. Upon arriving to college, I wanted to join a sorority becuase I thought it was a good way to make friends. I was scared that I would be lonely otherwise.
  • You do not have to rush your freshman year, a ton of sophomores also rush. If you know a lot of people, rushing freshman year is great. Otherwise, I would recommend rushing your sophomore year. 
  • A sorority is not the only way to get involved. There are a ton of organizations and ministries on campus to get involved in. Not everyone is in greek life, there’s a higher ratio of students whom are not affiliated with greek life than are affiliated. There is a place for everyone. Greek life is for some, but not everyone.
  • Not being in a sorority will not take away from your college experience.
  • There is no one type of person in a sorority or stereotype that fits an entire sorority. As you go through life, you will meet unkind and delightful people everywhere. There are some great gals who love Jesus and other wild ones whom are lost and love to party in every single sorority. It is all about getting plugged in with the right gals within your sorority- the same goes with your friends in general. I think you will find every type of girl in every sorority. 
  • I have a ton of friends who are called to be in sororities and do greek ministry through chaplain positions, through the way they live their lives on love on their sisters.
  • I know a lot of girls in sororities who thrive there and absolutely love it.
  • Being in a sorority could be where God is calling you. Where the lord guides, he provides.
  • You get out of your sorority what you put into it. You have the option to get your money’s worth and go to a ton of events to be social, or you can remain very inactive. The choice is yours. 
  • Going through rush and getting dropped has allowed me to be there for girls who are in the same position I was. A lot of people go through rush and get dropped, they are just embarrassed bu it. My video about my sorority rush experience has over 172k views and is my most popular video, allowing me to be vulnerable and share my story with other girls that the lord is good and his plan has a purpose. 
  • If you are thinking about rushing or curious about it, I would do it. If you don’t go through rush, you won’t know wether or not it is for you. You can always drop or pledge and drop later.
  • You could rush a sorority and meet your best gal friends, and you could find a house that you absolutely love!!
  • I am glad that I did not join a sorority my freshman year becuase I think I would have only hung out with girls in my sorority. I do not think I would have branched out and made friends with a ton of different people.
  • Sororities tend to be more drama prone, since they are a huge groups of girls, girls=drama. I do not do well with huge groups of girls and have always had more guy friends. 
  • Sororities are very time consuming, more than you would realize. Had I joined a sorority, I would not be able to devote the time that I do to YoungLife. Leading YoungLife is part of the lord’s plan for me, being in a sorority is not. 
  • Sororities cost a lot of money. If you are in debt and taking out loans to pay for college, I would not join a sorority becuase you are going to be further in unnecessary debt. 
  • When sororities vote on wether or not to give you a bid, they rate you with numbers, normally on a scale from 1-10. The whole process can be judgmental and some unkind things may be said.
  • Sororities do lead to more temptation with drinking and partying, but you have to be strong enough in your faith to say no. This is where doing greek ministry comes into play- being in a sorority and living an example for your fellow sisters- discipling them. There is always an opportunity to go out and drink. You do not want to do things that are going to make your sisters stumble in their walk of faith. 
  • Sororities also are more susceptible to tempt you to get caught up in body image and physical appearance. Know that your worth is found in Christ. Do not put your identity in a sorority. 
Check your faith and check your relationship with Jesus. Ask yourself why you want to join a sorority. Do you want it for the right reasons? A sorority will not be an instant gratification to happiness. I hope this helped y’all! Leave your feedback on this post and any other questions you may have in the comments. 

xx, God Bless,
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