Alabama Waterfalls Road Trip

Alabama Waterfalls Road Trip

I stayed in Alabama with my best friend, Taylor, for 10 days last week and as always we had a great time! We always go on spontaneous adventures and do things that I wouldn’t think to experience with anyone else. We found a compilation of waterfalls around the state of Alabama placed on a map for a road trip on It looked so epic that we could not pass this opportunity up, so we did it.

If there’s anything this week has taught us, life is only what you make out of it. Some waterfalls were better than others and there was one we did not even find because it was on private property. However, we did manage to hit 5 out of 7 waterfalls in 16 hours. 
We made an itinerary, which I recommend, and attempted to follow it so that we could plan our time. You’re going to need to consider the sunset and sunrise times of your current location and the time zone change in different areas. Some parks also have a certain open and close time. We could not make it to waterfall #7 becuase it closed at 6 pm and we would’ve arrived at 6:30 pm.  
1. Moss Rock Preserve- Hoover, AL 
It was a longer hike to this waterfall and if you’re going to cut one off your list, I recommend this one. We took the Boulder Field entry trail and followed it straight back to the falls, which were a bit smaller than we were hoping. Also, note that if you come here during Summer, the waterfalls will have less flow and appear smaller than in winter. 

2. Noccalula Falls- Gadsden, AL This waterfall was absolutely gorgeous and the second photo we took looks to me like something out of a fairy tale. If you’re a good swimmer, you can swim right up to the waterfall. This park also had a petting zoo and other activities if you want to spend a day here. However, this is not a prime spot if you’re looking for a swimming hole. A few winters ago, professional kayakers kayaked off the top of Noccalula Falls, check out the video here. I am mind blown.. people are amazing and oh so talented.
3. Little River Falls- Fort Payne, AL // The waterfall here was not amazing. However, this waterfall flows in to a swimming hole known as the Hippie Hole, which makes this a great destination. I did not snap any photos of the hippie hole, but you can see more details of every location in the video. This is a great spot for swimming and there are a few cliffs to jump off of. 
4. DeSoto Falls- Mentone, AL 
There was not much to this waterfall besides the dam as it was rather small, but pretty. You could swim at the very bottom of the falls, but not close enough to get near the falls; we spent very little time here. However, it is about 20 minutes from Little River Falls, so you might as well check it out if you go to those falls.
5. Piney Branch Falls 
We were unable to find this waterfall as it is in the middle of the woods on private property. I do not recommend trying to find this waterfall as it is a pain and we had no luck, you are better off just to skip to #6.

6. High Falls- Groveoak, AL 
This is a great waterfall! There’s a bunch of places to cliff jump from and it’s an awesome swimming hole. If you’re looking for good swimming holes, I recommend this one and the Hippie Hole. We definitely observed people doing the coolest flips off the top of the waterfall here, as you can view in the video. 
7. Turkey Creek Falls- Pinson, AL 
Sadly, we did not make it here becuase the park closed at 6 pm and we would’ve arrived at 6:30 pm. We would’ve had time to arrive had we not gone searching for Piney Branch Falls (#5). 
This was the best road trip I have ever been on and one of my favorites adventures yet!! I highly encourage anyone who lives in the state of Alabama to go on this road trip. It really is an experience you don’t want to pass up. I’ve seen a few of these waterfall road trips for the state of Georgia, and I hope to also go on one of those this Summer. 
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